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      Hi everyone, I would really appreciate anyone giving me advice based on their experience for the best kit to run premier pro, I'm getting CS 4 version and this was the spec I was planning on getting.


      Is Solid State sata good to use, for the main drive ? or swap file ?
      Whats the right size for the main system drive ?


      Asus P6T Deluxe V2 Motherboard
      Intel Core i7 920  2.66GHz or greater
      Corsair 12GB PC12800 DDR3 Desktop Memory
      Case Antec Nine Hundred Two Black Steel ATX Mid Tower 750watt PSU
      Pioneer BDR-205 Blu-ray Disc Burner
      Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit OEM
      NVIDIA FX 1800 by PNY Graphics Card << is Nvidia best ?


      STORAGE ??!! Help on this please
      Main Drive
      How much Space do i need really for the windows ?
      I will probably have this for windows and a solid state for swap, then a 1TB Drive for all the programs, then External for Video Storage.


      or use the following/ maybe just as a swap file drive ?
      solid State Drive 64GB Sata Connection
      http://www.crucial.com/uk/store/listmodule/SSD/~2.5-inch%20Solid%20State%20Drive~/list.htm l
      Kingston 64 GB SSD NOW


      External hard drive Video storage
      extra 2x 1TB in a raid 0 via external sata connection


      Thank you for any advice, in advance from across the pond.


      Marcus in the UK

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          Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Welcome newcomer.


          What you should do first is read many of the other posts on computer configurations that almost seem to be a daily occurance's and then ask specific questions.


          You do seem to be headed in the right direction, but the i7-920 essentially has been replaced by the i7-930


          Unless you need something specific about Windows 7 Ultimate it is an overkill, Pro is fine for most applications


          Do not waste your money on the Quadro FX 1800, read the forums to find the full story on graphics cards.


          Did you know that CS5 is being annoiunced April 12th, we do not quite know when it will be delivered.


          150 GB Velociraptor is large enough for OS and Applications