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    Server.ResourceUnavailable error with Flex LCDS v3




      I am using Flex LifeCycleDataServices to connect with our Java service module. On launching the application I get the following error:


      "faultCode = "Server.ResourceUnavailable"

      faultDetail = "Type my.RemoteService' not found."
        faultString = "Cannot create class of type my.RemoteService'.


      1. I have the Java service class available in my ../WEB-INF/classess directory.


      2. My environment setup requires us to use Webpshere Shared Libraries, so I have the Java Flex messaging Jars as shared library (external location, configured to Websphere Classloader config). It works if I have the flex messaging jar files in ../WEB-INF/lib.


      Does anyone, know the reason why it is not working using the Shared Lib.?