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    Context-sensitive help - where is the CS topic folder in the output files?


      I have created a FlashHelpPro help file in RoboHelp 7 HTML. In the project setup pane, I have Map ID'd my context-sensitive topics and linked them to their respective pages. I generated the project, but there is no folder containing the context-sensitive topics in the output files. As a result, the developer suggested that I need to create a separate folder in the Project Manager that contains all the context-sentitive topics. Is this actually the next step, or can the developer find what he needs elsewhere in the files?


      I haven't seen anything about creating a separate folder in the Project Manager, which seems redundant as there is the 'Context-sensitive Help' folder already present in the Project Set-up. Do I need to create a separate folder, as suggested by the developer? If not, where can he find the context-sensitive files in the output? Thank you.