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    FLV Captioning problem with showCaptions


      I am working on a simple FLV player for my website with closed captioning using Flash CS3 and ActionScript 3. I am using the FLVPlayback and FLVPlaybackCaptioning which work really great. Now, I wanted to use one player for all my videos, I use javascript functions to pass in the movie parameters (using ExternalInterface). However, I have a problem with setting the FLVPlaybackCaptioning.showCaptions parameter.

      Basically, if I set this parameter to "false" then my Closed Captioning button stops working (hovering doesn't change its color and clicking on it doesn't do anything). I use a modified SkinUnderAll skin file for my skin.

      Any help on why this is happening and how I can fix that is greatly appreciated!

      EDIT: Also, my fullscreen button does nothing. Do I need to do anything special to enable it?