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    Edit region teal colour tag "editableregion" is messing up layout.

    Gerard Brennan

      Hi I have developed a Photoshop layout.


      I carved up vertical menu bar (6 options) and made three different buttons for different states. up down pressed


      so I can calculate 6 x button height (52) and 138 width.


      So i have an area of   312 x 138


      So I create a slice of this size.


      So i save for web


      Now when in dreamweaver i create template ..


      Now for the navigation area of size  312 x 138  i create a div and then i insert a editable region.


      I get a bulky teal coloured tag at top


      Finally i create my navigation bar and insert 6 images. ... but the bottom is being push by what seems to be the height of the bulky tag.



      Any suggestions please