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    Best setting to downscale 720p@29.97 to NTSC DVD?

    mpab02 Level 1

      I have an AVCHD camera that yields 720p video @ 29.97 fps. I do simple edits on the footage with Premiere and then send it to Encore to make NTSC DVDs that I send back home so that my parents-in-law can see their grandchildren.


      I had been raw processing the 720p video and it was a HUGE source of frustration as most of the time Encore would give return an "encoding error" after a whole night on encoding. I've got a Quad-Core 6600 Intel processor with 4gb RAM, lots of disk space and an ATI HD3870 video card.


      Compared to other programs such as Roxio, Premiere-Encore yield DVDs that look extremely good even at fullscreen on an HD TV. But I don't have time (nor electricity) to spare encoding and re-encoding time after time until it doesn't fail at the last minute (there's a looong thread about that in this forum).


      I've decided to use Media Encoder to downscale the raw AVCHD 720p files my camera spits into more manageable MPEG2 files with DVD resolution. So far, so good, but there's a plethora of options and I don't know which would be the best and (better still) which could spare the final footage a second encoding.


      I hope you can help me. I've seen the tutorial at http://bellunevideo.com/tutorials/CS4_HD2SD/CS4_HD2SD.html but it takes the long turn to downscale 720p@60 into DVD.