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    Large First Frame???

      This is my first post so first of all, hi all...

      I am currently having a bit of a nightmare trying to optimize a flash file for use on the web. My first frame is currently about 600kb in size even though the only thing on the timeline is the preloader, which is no where near this size.

      I have been using the attachmovie method A LOT, but have unchecked the export in first frame option for all movieclips that are attached in this way, and placed them on the stage in a later frame.(the correct way to get around this problem I believe?)

      I know importing classes is taking up about 100Kb of the first frame(because when i change the options in the publish settings to import them in frame 2 the size dips) but have no idea where the rest of this data is coming from, because it is not on the timeline. I can only assume that flash is importing something here, but I have no idea what it is.

      If anyone has any idea of why this is happening or has come across this problem before I would be so greatful because I feel like I have hit a brick wall.

      Thanks in advance,

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          Damon Edwards Level 3
          are you using components? make sure you didn't miss any of the export in first frame.
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            IANELLIS Level 1
            I have used a combo box and button components but have definitely unchecked the export in first frame option.

            There is also a video play back in there but the linkage property is grayed out. Any way as far as I am aware this is not stirctly a component and even so would not be a couple of hundred kb right?

            Its very strange, I did think it may have something to do with the audio I am using but this is imported from an external source using the loadSound method on frame 3. Its getting to the point where I have totally run out of ideas, so thanks for any suggestions even if they just get me thinking along a different line.
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              Damon Edwards Level 3
              components are all set to export in first frame. Yes, you are correct, that it probably won't be a couple hundred kilobytes, probably around a hundred or so. Post your Size report.
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                Greg Dove Level 4
                I just tested this using CS3. I dragged a FLVPlayback to frame 4. Set its property in the library not to export. ANd set the publish settings for classes to export to frame 3.

                Nothing else just the FLVPlayback. Size report showed frame 3 got 35.5K when publishing as2/ versions 8 or 9. But it did require both the publish settings and the removal of export checkbox in the library.

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                  IANELLIS Level 1
                  Still not sure what is causing flash to give me a first frame size of 577kb, but I just uploaded it to a live server and it works fine. The perloader kicks in almost straght away and we're not on a particularly fast connection.

                  Seems like flash was fibbin. Not sure how/why it would but the swf loaded alot faster than a 577kb file usually would on our connection, so although its not Fixed, it works OK so i'm not goin to waste any more time tryin to fix it.

                  Thanks to all for your help any way.