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    Livecycle: Not sure how to create a database to connect to the form


      Trying to create a data base to connect to the form so I can reference to .


      1. What does the data base system need to be... (Word, Excell, something else? No Clue here)

      2. How do I categorize the cells in the data base to be readable in livecycle forms?

      3. Once I have created the data base does this have to be on a server to be read, I just have my desktop is that ok or do I need to upload the database to something else  "Wow I'm clearly over my head here"

      4. Once I have a data base created how do I tell the form to find the data base and use the information created in the data base to populate other fields.

      5. Can the forms capture information on the data base?


      Its a lot basically trying to learn everything in one shot. I'll see how it goes. Any info would be great or reference on where to get started. I have looked at the adobe help window, but even that I'm lost.


      Thanks for your thoughts and humar.