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    Livecycle: Can you click a check box and have it copy the entire field to a new location?

    BMPT862TT Level 1

      I have a check box and I want to check the box and have field 1a, field 1b, field 1c be copied to location on a third page.


      These are patient goals: and those goals need to be recognized later on while trying to fill out paperwork, but I don't want to have to look back at the front page. so I want to pick which goals I want to see at a later page and have the goal  (field) and the field content that was chosen on the first page show up.

      I will choose three to five goals and I want them lined up


      field 1a, field 1b, field 1c then underneath

      field 2a, field 2b, field 2 c etc.


      THanks for the help