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    Parsing a SWF file for function/class names


      Hi, I've written some code based on SWFUtils.jar in the SDK to get ABC data from a SWF, and to look through the BC for method names.  The AVM overview defines method info being stored as follows:


      The method_info entry defines the signature of a single method. method_info
      u30 param_count u30 return_type u30 param_type[param_count] u30 name u8 flags option_info options param_info param_names


      However, the name entry is never found in my constant pool, and greping through the decompressed SWF file, there doesn't seem to be any constants for the function names which I know should be there...  any help anyone?  How come the function names aren't in the SWF?


      Thanks in advance.