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    Is it best to pass XML or query the database for Flex?


      This is more of an architecture question than a how to code.


      I need to populate flex with about 100 rows of data. Each row is maybe 5 fields.


      The user won't need to actually change the data, so it's read only data.


      I could send the data to flex one of 2 ways

      - from a static XML file that's sitting on the server.

      - or by querying the database


      Because the data is static, I think I should go with the XML. But I'm leaning towards querying the database because I don't want XML sitting on the server that could be accessed directly from outside flex.


      Which is the most architecturally sound in this case? Is the burden of querying the database a stupid move in this case? and is there a way to maybe prevent the security issue with the XML being accessed directly? Basically what options do I have here and do I have better options than what I think I have?