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    Alienware drives setup

    Drillthrall Level 1

      Recently moved all my stuff over to an Alienware Aurora 'puter.

      Core i7 920 OC'd to 3.2GHz

      9GB Ram

      Hardware Raid 0 (twin 7200 500GB)

      2, 1TB 7200 drives for storage and scratch

      GeForce GTX 260


      I've been reading differnt posts on how to set up hard-drives for video editing.  I'll be moving from CS3 Production Premium to CS5 in the next few months.  This is just a hobby for me so I've just usually loaded the Adobe apps to the C-drive, while creating and saving my AE and Premier and PS projects all to one of my separate 7200 internal drives.  I have then usually set the scratch drives to my other remaining 7200 drive.  How's this sound to everyone?  It is just a fun hobby for me, but I would still appreciate someone's opinion as to how I've been setting this up in regards to my hard drives.  I'm not likely to buy more expensive drives so keep that in mind.  Most of my projects are no longer than 15 mins, max, with at most 4 layers in Premiere Pro and maybe a few more than that in AE.


      If I did eventually get a SSD drive for my C-drive, would that really speed up my rendering, as that would be the only reason I would want an SSD.  I don't care how long it takes my Adobe apps to start or for my computer to boot up, just a hobby again.



      Harold House

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          Your current disk setup is OK. SSD's are not beneficial, only expensive for editing. You will not see any performance gain from an SSD.

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            Thanks for your quick reply.  I'm glad to hear that I've got it set right for my hobby centered setup.


            Also, I just read again, today, in Engadget, that an SSD can really speed up video editing.  They were quoting a new SSD that was getting 1.4Gbs per sec read/write speeds.  That might speed up file transfers, but would it also speed up timeline renders?  Would it speed up transcoding?  Just curious to hear what you think as Engadget, which I enjoy, usually uses SSD speeds and video editing in the same breath.


            Harold House

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              Harm Millaard Level 7



              They must be talking about this setup: http://www.ocztechnology.com/aboutocz/press/2010/369


              You can easily install 2 of these. They are only around $ 9,000 per piece.


              For $ 18,000 I think you can easily build a better storage solution using 4G fibre and 24 disks that will increase your storage capacity 7-fold and cost less and will be faster.


              SSD's are good for low energy consumption, for random reads and for high I/O rates. They are not good at sequential reads/writes and that is what is needed for NLE work. There have been extensive tests done with PR timelines by Bill Gehrke and he has not found any advantage in performance, actually the contrary.


              At prices per GB of € 2.50 for SSD's versus € 0.07 for conventional hard disks the performance difference must be way better and capacities must increase enormously while SSD prices must be lowered by at least 80% to make it attractive.


              I still have to read the EndGadget article (can you post a link?), but I suppose they do not know much about video editing. I'll let you know what I think about the article.