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    Opening a URL that points to a PDF.

    JeffBPaarsa Level 1



      I use command start /MIN acrobat xxx.pdf  and I have no problem to open a PDF.  Now I want to replace xxx.pdf with a URL link that points to PDF file... So I use this command: C:\>start /MIN acrobat "https://www2.sea.accessline.com/tw2/GVXS:7a050-c2e6b-3a46560850102f-108943411"  This later command opens the Acrobat window but also a dialog stating:


      When I directly click on the URL that points to the PDF it opens it in the PDF window not browser which I want... Off course I have turned on some of my i.e. Internet Options.  I think this has to do with security set inside of Acrobat application.




      Jeff P.