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    Query string with flash lite, possible?

    DF_Frederic Community Member

      I searched the net and Adobe website, read the complete i-mode document provided by Docomo (on adobe site) and couldn't find any information on the subject. I'm trying to figure out if this is something specific to the Japanese market or all flash lite players react the same way. I will explain my issue.

      In flash, you can pass variables as a query string like this:

      http://www.mysite.com/myFlashFile.swf?val=1&val2=2 (etc)

      Those variables will end up on the root time line. After doing some testing, I cannot receive any of those variables if the version of flash lite is lower than 3.0. It happens for Docomo, AU, Softbank carrier, all japanese ones I tested. If I test with the Docomo emulator, I can reproduce this behavior.

      Does this behavior is by design?  Nobody seems to be talking about it.

      Thank you for any information on the subject.