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    What Should I be Learning To Create This App?


      Hi all, I have a general question pertaining to a web app I would like  to build/be built. I want to create an application in which registered  users can create a master timeline, and click anywhere on the timeline  to add an event. In addition, they should be able to click on any  individual event(on the timeline) and 1)create a sub-timeline, with the  same functionality as the master timeline and 2)click any event and  create a checklist of items they can check off. They should also be able  to save all of this, so they can come back to it later and edit it. I  know what I want the end product to look like, and I'm pretty sure it  can be built with flash, but is this the best language to use, and two,  what should I start with if I want to build it myself? Any help you guys  can lend me would be greatly appreciated.