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    Shape tweening automatically rotates objects. What's wrong


      Hi, I am learing a flash now.

      I am making some animations with shape tweening. I actually need it for my presentation.


      There are five layers of almost same shape of objects. The first two layers and shape tweening works as I expected.

      But from third layer, something weird happening. As I do shape tween, the layer becomes two moving objects: one is acting as I wish, but the other same object rotaing in x-direction. I don't know what is going on. Please help me.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          there are a variety of techniques to shape tween the way you want but the key is to have one shape alone in a layer that tweens to your desired end-shape(s) OR have your begin-shape(s) in a layer that tween to one end-shape.


          you should avoid having more than one begin-shape tween to more than one end-shape (though sometimes that may be exactly what you want and no simplification is possible).


          in any case, once you have your layers set-up, use shape hints (modify/shape/add shape hints) to coerce the begin-shape(s) to tween precisely to the end-shape(s).