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    Dropping frames during capture Premiere 2.0


      I am capturing 63minute mini-dv tapes, and I am dropping 5-8 frames every 10 minutes and 1 second.


      I am running Premiere Pro 2.0, win XP SP2 on a hpxw4300 workstation with pentium 4. I have had this system for years, and have recently put new hard drives in, which is when the problem started. The new drives are Seagate 500GB SATA.


      I have also tried capturing with windows movie maker - same problem. Tried capturing through matrox capture card and through the in-built firewire port - same result. Have tried changing the scratch disks which didn't help.


      Any ideas? Really desperate to figure this out because i edit a lot of seminar footage and i'm sick of having to re-capture the dropped frames and splice them in.