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    When recording only hear the sound! HELP

      Hello, I approached this community to ask about my problem ... It happens that I don't can export my video, this is a video with approximately 700 photos and 10 songs, what happens is that when I export and ends recorded on my computer only can hear the sound, and does not show the image ..happens in all formats in which recorded ... Is it because there are many photos?
      additional data:
      Windows XP Service Pack 3
      2GB Ram
      300GB Memory
      512MB video card Gforce
      I think Intel corel2

      sorry if I wrote wrong, I am Argentine and do not master the language! jaja

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          Can you see and hear everything in PrPro's Program Monitor?


          Is it ONLY when you Export, that you get only the Audio and no Video?


          How do you plan on delivering your Video, as that will point us to the ideal Export format, and then we can give you the settings that you should use?


          Let us know just a bit more, so that we can help.


          Also, for still images, you might want to look over this ARTICLE.


          Good luck,