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    shooternz Level 6

      When I build my CS5 System, I am determined to sort my FONTS out for once and for all.


      I wish to have a Fonts resource that matches my clients expectations and the issue is..they usually think (relate)  in terms of Fonts from MACS.

      (Note  - the fonts are always /usually classic professional fonts but occasionaly a "special" font)


      I am always trying to match them or do a work around which means importing a psd or .ai file from their systems.


      I guess the question is:


      Where do I find a decent Font Pack to meet the demand?

      What do you guys recommend as a Font Management program? (Currently I use Windows Fonts and all the decent Fonts from CorelDraw.)


      Keen to get rid of many fonts in all my systems eg asian versions etc that I have no idea where they came from !

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          kishoreda-RrOFau Level 1

          Checked your PM ?

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I use Extensis Suitcase to manage my fonts, and will set up "font packs" by client, or even by Project. I try to keep my installed fonts down for obvious reasons, and then dynamically manage them.


            The best font manager that I have ever seen was FontMinder from back in the Windows 3.1.1 days. Unfortunately, Adobe bought it, and killed it. At the time, ATM was still being sold and developed and Adobe was heavily in the font business. Most of my fonts came from Adobe years ago.


            Be a bit careful with Corel fonts. This goes back some years, but the fonts with CorelDraw 3 were problematic. Most printers who handled my clients' work would not touch them. I still have their full library, but it's sitting on CD's in a cabinet. Not sure what might have changed, and I do have a smaller font library from Corel WordPerfect, with which I have had no issue. Also, as you are doing video, and not print, the CorelDraw fonts might be absolutely fine, and the newer ones might exhibit none of the issues that the old ones did, even for print work.


            Good luck,



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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You do not need to install fonts just to check them out.

              Set your fonts somewere on a HDD. Open the font you want to view (double click of the .ttf)

              Now open Premiere or Photoshop or Illustrator or whatever.

              The font will appear in the program and do some testing. When you like the font then you can install it in Windows for permanent use.

              For quick viewing a font i use FontViewer a free apps.


              Great fonts, rather expensive: http://www.adobe.com/type/

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