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    problem with convert to symbol


      i've imported a gif file into flash, traced it into the bitmap, made 24 symbols from 25 i wanted, i've distributed them into timeline, made a simple animation from few layers just for fun, when i made a new symbol it was  from the first frame, only there was possible to see all graphic and select a new symbol,  however now when i click on the first frame the last part of graphics that i want to convert

      to symbol is grey and i'm not able to select it (picture 4, the small grey stains), however with a selection tool it is possible to change a shape of the "stain"

      Picture 4.png

      other miracle i don't understand is the magenta square in left up corner, picture3 (it occures only from 2nd frame), in library no symbol has this square


      Picture 3.png


      could anybody help? thanx!