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    Newbie Timeline Problem




      First, some background: I'm a complete newbie, trying to create an educational app for a Masters project. The app will have various sections so I started by creating labels for each section along the timeline and set up all the navigational buttons. So far so good.


      I'm working on creating the content for the first section. I've created a button that leads the user to another "page" in the first section where I've inserted an audio file. I wanted to created a tween to accompany the audio explanation with some moving symbols and at the end two more buttons would appear that give the user 2 choices of where to click.


      Now my problems: the tween I want to create is about 18 seconds long (432 frames). After this, I will create another similar tween to deal with another audio explanation. This gives me a problem. Tthe timeline only appears to go up to 600 frames - not enough for my needs and who knows how many frames I'll need by the time the app is finished.




      1 - Is there a way to extend the timeline beyond 600? (I would have to shift all my other sections along to accommodate my inserted tweens, but that's not the end of the world)


      2 - Is this the best way to do things, having super-long motion tweens? I know I could add a video, but what I like about my tween idea is that the user sees stuff appearing as the voice explains and the option buttons only appear at the end of the tween, stopping the user from clicking them before the voice explanation finishes.


      Apologies for the long post and thanks in advance for reading!

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          Muhammad Taqi Kirmani Level 1

          Hi dazzer,


          First of all let me tell you that the timeline is not limited till 600 frames, it will just show you like that. Once you insert a key frame or even just a frame around 600, it will increase the timeline to over 1200, So, dont worry about the number of frames.


          Secondly if you have totally different animations to play, the better idea is to use different scenes for all your different animations(I assume its more of a presentation). To insert a new Scene, you can insert it from the insert menu and to manage your scenes use Window(menu)>>Other Panels>>Scene.


          Hope this helps.


          Best of luck.

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            dazz3r Level 1

            Many thanks for the answer.


            So, I have various options:


            1 - create various animations on one long timeline

            2 - use scenes (only drawback is that I'm totally new to all this and searching around for info in scenes, it seems that I might be opening up more problems for myself)


            3 - And this is one I'm not sure about but seems viable. In a tutorial video I watched somewhere, a movie clip had an animation that when you clicked on it in the library, was several seconds long, but on the main timeline it only existed in one frame. Does this also sound like a possible solution? How do I prepare this animation that takes up one frame on a timeline but exits in its full from in the library?


            Any more offers of help gratefully received and thanks for people's patience in reading this.

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              Muhammad Taqi Kirmani Level 1

              Scene is a very simple solution. Its just like you create one animation next to the other on the same timeline, but is a more managabel way. While MovieClip is also a good option but is not as simple as working with scenes. I would say that you should begin the work by using scenes and just keep in mind that the next scene will play after first just in the same manner as it would play if they were on the same timeline.

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                Chorale0001 Level 1

                Putting each animation in a separate Scene is just one of the best way ( in my opinion ) to help you keep a clean flash. It allow you to split each element in different scene and prevent you from becoming confuse when you look at frame 1020 and asking yourself "what the hell was in 1020 already ?... )


                Also dont forget that you can change the speed of the frame per second rate, You can lower it if you want, it will save you frame space, but will also lower the amount of keyframe ( 1 step in the step by step of an animation) you can put in your animation. So if you require to have a very smooth animation like ...  animating an arm or whatever, this is not something to do. However if it is just about adding box contening text or quick move of any shape object, this might be something to do.


                You can increase the speed to, as I said, it depent of what you need.


                1200 frame is just huge, you might want to lower that amount as much you can. Also i do hope you know how to use the tween in your animation because if you do a 1200 frame animation and put 1200 keyframe with each step of your animation, inche per inche, your file is going to be insanely HUGE. I suggest you experiment with tween before going deep in your project. The lesser the number of keyframe, the easier it will be for you.


                Dont forget you can always use a script like (AS2)


                gotoAndPlay("NAME OF THE SCENE", (number of the frame where it need to start reading on the new scene));


                to move from scene to scene with ease. If you need to use that on a button, well just add the action before and you are go


                Hope this help you understand a little better

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                  dazz3r Level 1

                  Picture 1.png

                  Many thanks to both of you for you input! It seems like scenes is something I should experiment with.


                  Just to make it clear what I'm doing (hoping the pic uploads fine) I'm working on an app with a home page and 3 main parts, "learn" "play" and "test". "learn" is the only part that needs to be completed now but as you can see, I already created the other parts as "placeholders" to test out my navigational button skills.It already includes a page with sounds and buttons that I've made that has 2 questions that when clicked, will each lead to the 20 second animations I'm preparing.


                  As I already laid out the 3 sections and then had to include the animations in the "first" sections on the timeline, that was where I started to get confused about how to incorporate 20 second animations. Hence my questions about moving the other sections "forward" in the timeline to accommodate the animations.


                  So, after my explanation and the pic:


                  1 - Does creating new scenes still see like the best way to go?

                  2 - Can I incorporate a new scene at, say, frame 25 in this timeline?

                  3 - I'm already familiar, and have used, the gotoAndPlay" function for my buttons and stuff. Is it easy to give a command to go to a different scene, and then be able to navigate back to scene 1 (ie my app jumps around, it is not a linear presentation. The idea is the students can follow whatever path they choose).


                  Congratulations to anybody who's still reading!



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                    Chorale0001 Level 1



                    Grats for doing something that seem so big with the few experience you have, i lift my hat.


                    Back to subject, i am not a pro myself but for what i understand of you flash, Scene are definetly a must for you. All you need to do is copy every part of your flash that are common between them in EACH scene. Then put your "learn", "play" and other each in a separate scene. You will have a nice time figuring all the goto from scene 1 to scene 2 .


                    Here is an exemple how to type the code in AS2


                    on (rollOver) {
                    gotoAndPlay("Menuidle", 1);

                    I STRONGLY suggest you use the script assist to edit those code, it will prevent any typo mistake that is bound to happen otherwise.

                    "On ( rollover)" is the trigger, change that by what you want.

                    "gotoAndPlay("Menuidle", 1)" is your goto, and "menuidle" your scene name followed by the frame number on that scene where you want flash to start reading


                    I don't fully understand your flash but if you do thing correctly you should be able to jump back and forth from scene 1 frame 40 to scene 2 frame 29 ( for exemple), and in my opinion.. you have to be prepared for that.


                    I also suggest you do a lot of testing and define each animation length, position in each separate scene before starting thinking about how to link them between frame because once you know that X animation is going to be 30 frame length and that Y animation will be 40 frame and that Z action on scene 1 will need animation X which is a part of Scene 2, well... you'll know to write down every link you are about to make, cause you will play with them for a while. But in the end it will work


                    I apologize for my average english, but i am not english.