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    Start a Captivate SWF on a specified Slide


      i want start a captivate swf at an specified slide. For example:
      I have a SWF-file called content.swf. Now i want to start the content.swf using a menu created with the MenuBuilder (or any other flash or html menu). No problem.
      But I want start the content .swf at slide 12. Is it possible to call the content.swf with a specified slide, so that the swf start's at this slide??

      greetings from the Luenburg Heath
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Joerg and welcome to our community

          Unfortunately Captivate doesn't offer a means of doing this. But if you have Flash and know how to use it, I suppose you might build something in Flash that could do it.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Well, I'm new, but this worked for me: Try the Insert>Animation menu choice -- you can start another .SWF file, on a slide in a Captivate project -- including an SWF created by a different Captivate project. Is this what you want to do? It appears that the "player" frame in the flash-within-a-flash doesn't work, and you probably don't want it anyway, so when you generate the content flash, you'll have to generate it without those controls.
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              SylviaAhern Level 1
              ... unless you meant: start at slide 12 of the Content.swf (that may be what you intend to do). If so, my previous answer is off-the-mark. But another thought: you could make a copy of the Content project, and in the copy, delete slides 1 - 11 and then generate the from-slide-12 version. Not ideal, but this strategy may give you the results you want.