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    SDK CS4 future


      Hi Zac and team.


      I just have a question regarding the future of the CS4 SDK:

      Is there any new release of this SDK that will fixed some bug issued (such as bug 2324214) for example? Or do we need to implement our plug-in into the CS5 SDK?


      Thanks !

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          Zac Lam Adobe Employee

          Hi jgarnier,


          Bug 2324214 (GetMarkerDuration in Marker Suite always returns 0) requires a fix in the host, unfortunately.  There's no workarounds on the plug-in side that can be made to fix this particular bug in CS4.  We did release several updates for CS4 (4.0.1, 4.1, 4.2), each of which solved quite a few reported API issues.  But going forward the energy and focus of the team is on CS5.