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    Layout Problems - particularly with tables

    mhtruflo Level 1

      Hi there,


      I realise you are probably sick of answering questions on this subject, as my searches have found many threads on similar subjects.  I'm a beginner however and not sure which solutions apply to my problem.


      I'm building a website for the first time and as part of my design I have included a table, which I hoped would enable me to format the content of that particular area of the page.  Rather than post the code in here, please take a look at my test site: www.d-hdesign.co.uk.  The particular area I'm having problems with is on the right-hand side of the page, the top grey box with the heading 'Member Login' and two spaces for entering text below.


      On my screen, this displays correctly in Firefox.  However in IE and Chrome, the formatting changes and the spacing alters, thus forcing the content downwards.  Just to make sure you know how it's supposed to look, I've attached a screen shot to demonstrate how I want it to appear.


      Hope somebody is able to suggest what I've done wrong, and hopefully how I might rectify this.  It appears that the text fields may be something to do with the problem, because the two grey boxes below ('Other Markets' and 'Worldwide Agents') seem to be formatted correctly.Spacing Problem.jpg