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    #targetengine and scripts started by user in Explorer/Finder

    Maciej Przepióra Level 2

      I have a startup script for InDesign that defines persistent engine (using #targetengine directive) and some functions I want to call later, from another file.

      When InDesign starts I want to execute other script in that defined engine by double-clicking it's icon in Explorer. I have the same #targetengine directive in that file. However nothing happens, I don't even get any error (e.g. foobar is not a function). However, when I run the file from ESTK, everything works fine...

      For clarity, this is the startup script that is in Startup Scripts folder:


      #targetengine "foobaz"

      function foobar() {



      This is the script I want to be executed by double-clicking in Explorer:


      #targetengine "foobaz"



      Am I doing something wrong? Is it a bug or feature that scripts run by double-clicking don't understand #targetengine? Thank you very much for your insight and help.