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    Adobe Media Encoder stops responding


      I have Adobe CS4 master collection installed here and I've run into a serious problem trying to get it Adobe Media Encoder to do what it's meant to do...encode.


      I export the project and in the initial export options window I can set everything up. I proceeed to Adobe media Encoder to finish the job and it opens and shows my video in the que, however, when I click to change the preset, or even click to start rendering, Adobe Media Encoder will simply hang forever. It just stops responding. It never used to do this.


      I'm running an intel core2quad q8400 @2.66gHz

      on fully updated windows 7 professional, 32 bit.

      Nvidia geForce 8400 GS,

      3.25 Gig useable RAM



      It's not project-specific because i've tried it with another project and it does the same thing. Tried restarting, tried to reinstall Premiere pro and adobe media encoder, tried to reinstall the entire creative suite, tried the premiere-shortcut-in-the-dynamic-link-folder thing...I'm at wits end and I nearing deadline.


      Anybody out there who might have conquered this problem under similiar circumstances? Please help...

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          This requires some time. Did you wait long enough? On your relatively slow system, you may have to wait considerable time.


          Start here: Some suggestions... and answer at least the 16 questions at the end of the Wiki article.

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            davieduck89 Level 1

            I did wait. Eventually Premiere crashes.


            But now I've tested it after the reinstall of CS4 and it managed to encode other projects without crashing. So now I know it IS project-specific. Something is wrong with the project or something. I just can't pinpoint it...

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              I am running into the same problem although I have a much faster system I am using CS4 My encoder starts and gets almost to the end of the encode and then stops the yellow line is almost completely to the end it looks like it is done but stops.  I have left it for several hours after it stops and nothing!  I am also not able to transcode a blue ray in encore when I use the dynamic link any suggestions?

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                davieduck89 Level 1

                When I was having this problem, I ended up having to search the entire

                sequence for the problem area, a video or image that was causing the encoder

                to fail. After narrowing it down to a certain section of the timeline, I

                worked through elimination to find the problem video, removing one video,

                image or image sequence at a time and encoding the problem area again....on

                the two occasions I've had to do this, I found one corrupt video and one

                large sequence of images that, which for some reason the encoder didn't

                like...re-encoding the problem video and putting it back into the project

                solved it for me.