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    How do I make my Adobe AIR Javascript-files protected


      I just spent a large amount of time making an AIr application. And it works, and I am happy about that.


      But something that distresses me a bit is that Air-applications based on ajax/javascript/html are not distributed as applicaitons, the source files are distributed, and any user who would like to can copy and change my code. And possibly just change the GUI and claim it is their app and not mine. On a Mac all you have to do is right-click and choose "Show package contents"    


      If this is how Air works it will be impossible to make a living from air-apps, as anyone can copy all your work , without any effort. I would like to distribute an html/javascript app in the same way a Flex-app is distributed, the do not contain the source code.


      Is there some setting I have have missed that enabels me to "encrypt" my sourcefiles? I am using Aptana Studio to build the air-installer.