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    Flash CS4 support in FB4?

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      Hi, all...before the release of FlashBuilder 4, I saw at least two training/preview videos that clearly showed Flash Builder 4 integrating with Flash CS4 Professional via the the new Flash Custom Components feature (where you can drag a Flash Component or Container right to the stage and then create or edit the feature in Flash).


      However, when I try to use this feature in FB4 Premium, I get a message that says: "This feature requires that Flash CS5 or higher be installed." Am I missing an important step? Do I have to import something or change a setting to allow integration with Flash CS4?



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          prsfb4 Level 1

          Sorry to bump this, but it's driving me crazy and I can't find an answer anywhere.


          Has anyone successfully used the Flash Custom Component feature in Flash Builder 4? When I try to drag an instance onto the stage I get an error message saying I need Flash CS5...which obviously hasn't been released yet. The same thing happens if I try to drag a Flash Professional Container onto the stage.


          In tutorials I've seen, this feature should allows seamless integration between Flash CS4 and Flash Builder 4, allowing me to create/edit in place, rather than create stuff in Flash, export it as a SWC, and then manually import it.


          So, again, has anyone used this feature successfully, and if so, what am I doing wrong?



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            Jason San Jose Adobe Employee

            You're correct on all counts. Since the official release, the integration features require Flash Professional CS5. There's nothing you're doing wrong. This changed since beta 2.


            Jason San Jose

            Software Engineer, Flash Builder

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              prsfb4 Level 1

              Ah. Thank you for the reply. So let me get this straight:


              • Adobe builds a wonderful new feature into FB4 and advertises it on Adobe TV and on e-Learning sites like Lynda.com.
              • Adobe changes their minds and substantially changes this feature so that the $200-$700 piece of software people already own (Flash Pro CS4) no longer seamlessly integrates with Flash Builder 4.
              • Adobe does not inform the community about this change, nor does it apologize for it or make some other appropriate concession, nor is the change fully reflected in the FB4 documentation.
              • Summary: to use this new feature (custom Flash components and containers), people have to first buy Flash Builder 4 (if you're keeping track, that's another $200 to $700, depending on whether we upgrade or buy standalone). THEN, we have to wait until April 12, at which point we have to shell out at least several hundred more dollars to purchase Flash CS5...at which point we'll be able to use the Flash component integration feature that we already paid for when we purchased FB4.


              Adobe, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Bad enough that you foisted a rushed, bug-ridden CS4 on us (and some of those bugs still have yet to be fixed). Now, you unabashedly sell a product the requires the purchase of another product that hasn't even been released!  I understand that features may change from beta to released product. But you already had CS4 integration working in the beta. Removing CS4 support seems like a thinly-veiled attempt to drive people to your new product. (I say that because Adobe has known since January (and possibly much earlier) that you didn't plan to support Flash CS4...but you never shared that information. Instead, you let beta users go on testing, blissfully unaware of the bait-and-switch that was to come.)


              Being a monopoly clearly hasn't done you or your customers any good. I am astounded that someone hasn't intituted a class action lawsuit against you for practices like these.


              With each successive creative suite you release, I become more and more bitter about Adobe's almost total lack of concern for their customers. I've spoken to many of my associates and they feel the same. It's strange that you put so much thought into software features but don't actually care about the people who'll be using that software.


              I'm hoping that some company comes along to challenge Adobe in the design/development software space and maybe, just maybe, that'll lead to Adobe being more accountable for business practices like the ones described above...

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                arshorten Adobe Employee



                Whilst I appreciate your frustration that the features in Flash Builder do not work with Flash Professional CS4, I wanted to re-assure you that we made the decision to restrict usage to Flash Professional CS5 only because we wanted the workflow between the products to be consistent and reliable.


                To achieve the required interoperability between Flash Builder and Flash Professional we identified a number of bugs/issues that needed to be addressed in Flash Professional and the only option available to us was to make these changes in the upcoming release.


                We announced today that both Flash Professional CS5 and Flash Builder 4 Standard will be available together in Creative Suite 5 Web Premium and Master Collection, so hopefully that will help in relation to the cost effective purchase of both these products.




                Andrew Shorten

                Product Manager, Flash Builder

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                  prsfb4 Level 1

                  Thank you for your reply. Yes, the fact that both Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder 4 Standard are included in Web Premium CS5 is an unexpected piece of good news for anyone upgrading to CS5. I applaud you for adding such high value programs to the suite. Unfortunately, it doesn't really help first adopters who have already purchased Flash Builder 4.


                  Also, when you make such a significant change from a beta to released product, the community should have been informed in a public, timely manner. This information would have been an important part of the decision-making process for anyone who was considering purchasing Flash Builder 4 and was looking forward to the promised integration between it and Flash CS4. Adobe has a robust community info channel...you could have made this announcement will very little effort.


                  To make matters more grim, while I was checking out this information on the Adobe website, I discovered that, while you've included these two great programs, you appear to have removed SoundBooth from the Web Premium package! So after growing to love and depend upon SoundBooth in CS4, I now have to pay an extra $100 on top of the $599 CS5 upgrade price if I want the new version of SoundBooth.


                  Which brings us back to the way Adobe treats its customers. I attended the CS5 launch presentation today. Everyone looked so excited, and I wished that I could be, too. CS5 looks incredible. But behind the curtain of all that enthusisam, there still lurks broken promises, unfixed bugs in CS4, and now, the unexpected removal of a now-indispensable piece of the Web Premium suite.


                  This thread has now moved beyond a purely Flex-based discussion, so I imagine it will soon be closed, but while Adobe is celebrating the upcoming release of CS5, know that you have some extremely disillusioned and disappointed customers. (And again, I speak for every associate of mine who uses Adobe products--please don't mistake this post for the embittered ramblings of an isolated user. The designers and developers in my workplace--a Fortune 100 company--are united in their mixture of both love and deep frustration where Adobe products are concerned.)