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    produce xfa PDFs with graphs

    tgsoft Level 1



      In a project we need to produce a PDF report with a lot of tables AND graphs that can be outputed or printed to the user.


      I have created XDP forms before that merge xml data via LC Output, but this is the first prototype that requries graphs. I hope developers that have solved this will post good ideas and solutions


      * I know there is no graph tool in LC Designer (yet.. I hope it will come soon). Have you found ways to use flex/flash to produce graphs and how can this be integrated with Adobe LC in a stabile way?


      * Other clever solutions to solve this taks?



      Note: As the front-end GUI is JAVA, they can produce graphs as images that we can insert in image fields in the merge. I just hope Adobe have provided a better way to do this.



      /Thomas Groenbaek
      Jyske Bank