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    Reader 9.3.1 locks PDF-Document




      we have some PDF-Reports which are created locally on a Crystal Reports Server and afterwards copied by a copy job to a network folder where users can access the reports. This works generally fine, but there's one problem: when a user opens a PDF-Document on that network folder and forgets to close it before e.g. going to a meeting, the PDF is locked for several hours and can't be refreshed by the copy job during that time.


      We had this problem already about two years ago and found a solution - which I unfortunately can't remember. Since last week the problem reoccurs again - and last week our colleagues updated the user's Reader to 9.3.1. I suppose we had found a setting which configured Adobe Reader to open just a cached copy and let the PDF itself unttouched or something like that and that this setting was lost by updating to 9.3.1


      Is there a way to configure Adobe Reader to not open a PDF exclusively so that it can be overwritten while opened?


      Thanks in advance for your assistance!


      Best regards