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    AIR2 and Crystal Reports




      I need to build a simple Flex front end for a bunch of Crystal Reports,

      basically a few forms, which supposed to pass params to CR (select reports, dates, filter params,

      sort of building SQL Query:  select * from... where param1='value1'...).

      Lets say I build it as AIR2 app and kick up Crystal Reports as



      Any way to pass parameters to CR without explicit Java involved ?

      Is there any integration between them ? Tools, libraries ?

      Anything new in AIR2 for Crystal Reports?


      I downloaded CR plugin for Eclipse.


      I do understand that there is Java API for CR:



      Don't have experience with CR, but plenty with Java and Flex.

      Done little BusinessObjects years ago.


      So, I guess, need to use BlazeDS between Flex & Java, right ?

      Or maybe do Flex - to Java via WebService (so I don't need Blaze) ?


      Alternatively, can build GUI in Java (e.g. JSP).



      Please advise.