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    Improve service speed: EmailService


      Basic info:

      LC version: ES 8.2

      Application code: C# .NET



      I have a web service created in LC which is invoked from .NET application. The service (short-lived) saves data to a database and then send an e-mail .

      The e-mail is using the 'EmailService' from the Foundations category. I want to be able to fire the e-mail portion with out waiting for a response back, as the service takes to long to finish.


      I tried making a sub service that was long-lived and called it from my main serive with the Invocation Policy set to 'Do not Wait'.

      That causes the following: Cannot invoke actions using Fire and Forget semantics on a shortlived process


      If there is a better way to send emails from a service I'm open to comments.



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          Hodmi Level 4

          The problem is that calling a long-lived process from a short lived is not an easy thing to do.  At least right out of the box.


          There are a couple of ways around it however.

          1 - call your long lived process (from your short lived process) using the WebService.InvokeWebService operation.  Essentially you are doing the same thing in LC that you are doing in your .Net application

          2 - write a custom component (a DSC) that uses the LiveCycle APIs to call the long lived process.  You would then include the DSC in your short lived process.

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            Arnej6511 Level 1

            Thanks for the quick reply.


            I'll try the webservice option first, and worst case I have to invoke the database save service first, then invoke the email from .NET.