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    Media encoder crashing when exporting h.264

    Tayedrummer Level 1

      I have a short 1:30 project I'd like to export using the h.264 codec.  The project is made up of 1920x1080@23.976p h.264 quicktimes shot on a Canon 1DmkIV.  If I export to h.264 using either the 720p or 1080p presets the Media Encoder will do two render passes then crash with an "Unknown Error".  This will happen if I export h.264 or as a quicktime using the h.264.  Strangely if I export as h.264 bluray it works fine but then the audio and video are seperate and not what I need if I intend to upload to Vimeo.  I can successfuly export to other codecs.


      I've clicked through premierepro.wikia.com but couldn't seem to find any answers.  Anyone have a suggestion?


      Thanks in advance,





      Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 v.3.2.0 (374)

      Windows XP SP3

      Intel E6850 Duo Core @3Ghz

      4Gb RAM

      nVidia 8800GTX

      Soundblaster X-Fi