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    Adobe Updater won't work w/ Reader 9.3.1



      Recently I've been using Reader quite often, but noticed I can no longer update it, as it comes back with an error message saying the firewall is blocking the update or the adobe updater server is down.  I worked with Symantec to uninstall my AV program that controlled the firewall, and tried to update with no luck.  I'm on Win7 64-bit.  Calling Adobe's Tech Support line redirected me here to the forums.  Can someone help?


      By chance, would the Adobe Updater stop working because I recently downloaded & installed a trial version of Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0, as the updater function doesn't work on that one either.

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          370H55V Level 4

          Usually, when you uninstall Norton or Symantec Firewall (good choice, by the way) the Windows firewall is reactivated as part of the process.


          Unfortunately, when this happens it resets all of the settings for Windows firewall to the default settings, and you usuallt have to go in and "re-allow" programs to access the web on an individual basis.


          Open Control Panel > System and Security and click Allow a program through Windows firewall. Click [Allow another program...]


          Browse to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe and click Open.

          You should see Adobe Reader 9.3 in the list of programs.


          Click Add, and it will be allowed (allowing the Updater too, presumably) through the Windows Firewall. Clik OK to close the Firewall allowed programs window.


          Try the update again.


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            theonexr Level 1

            that worked, thanks!  now, if i can figure out why i can't download a trial version of another Adobe product.