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    ACR 3.7 is showing as ACR 2.4 in Calibrate Tab




      I apologize if this has been answered before but I just can't find it.


      As way of background, at one time I was using Elements 3.  Later on I installed CS and subsequently updated to CS2.  My camera is a Nikon D70s.


      Over time, I installed the updates for ACR and have been using version 3.6 pretty much since it was released.  But whenever I would click on the Calibrate tab in bridge it would always show ACR 2.4.  I never understood why that was so, but I essentially ignored it.  Today I finally decided to update ACR to 3.7 and have removed the prior version to another folder.  But when I open Bridge, the calibrate tab still shows ACR 2.4.  A few minutes ago I shot a few new pictures and downloaded them to my machine on the chance that maybe the older files had retained prior data, but even with the new pictures, the  Calibrate tab is still showing ACR 2.4.  I know that the file I'm using is ACR 3.7 becasue it has all of the characterisitics of ACR 3.7, so why is the Calibrate tab still showing ACR 2.4?


      This is now bugging the heck out of me and if anyone can help me get this resolved I would be most appreciative.


      Thank you.