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    search/sort buttons only works ones


      I'm using an HorizontalList in my application to show some pictures.
      This list is using 'gallery.photos' as a dataprovider.
      'gallery' is an object, which contains the arraycollection 'photos', and that arraycollection contains several 'photo' objects.
      Now, I made some search(/filter) and sort buttons/functions. At the end of these functions I use the 'gallery.photos.refresh();' command to update the dataprovider of the HorizontalList.
      No problem with that, but after I use a search/sort button I can't use any other search/sort buttons anymore (I can't click on the buttons), but I have no idea why.

      Here's an example of the functions I'm using:

      private function sortNaam():void
      var sort:Sort = new Sort();
      sort.fields = [new SortField("naam",true,false)];
      gallery.photos.sort = sort;


      <mx:Button id="sorteerNaam" click="sortNaam();" label="Sorteer Naam"/>