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    3 Pathfinder questions  . . . .

    jahmer Level 1

      1) Where is the entry  in Keyborad shortcuts (alt shft  Ctrl K) to change/add a shortcut for the UNITE shape mode in the pathfinder window?


      2) I want to keep both shapes when I do the a  MINUS FRONT in Shape Modes in the pathfinder window. Currently it deletes the front shape. Is there any option to keep both shapes (ungrouped)?


      3) Pathfinder commands group shapes after a particular pathfinder operation. Is there anyway to keep them ungrouped?

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          PrepressPro1 Adobe Community Professional

          1: I don't see this in the keyboard shortcuts. You might consider an action and assign a function key to the action for this.


          2: When using the pathfinder I copy and past in front, the object which I will be using to subtract from the object below. This allows me to keep both.


          3:  At this point if I need to select paths I just use the Direct Select tool. Or use the sub-layers in the layers panel and click on the meatball to select the objects within a group. You may be confusing Group with Compound Path.