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    can Premiere Elements read .vob files?


      I have some .vob files that I generated from an old VHS tape.  I want to convert them to mpg or some other format so I can edit them and post them on the web.  Can Premiere Elements do this?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          VOB files ARE MPG files, dl. All you have to do is change the suffix.


          But, yes, Premiere Elements can edit VOB files, if you use the DVD/Hard Drive project preset. You can then output it in a variety of web-friendly formats, including WMVs and MOVs.


          But if you just want to turn your VOBs into MPEGs, you don't need to involve Premiere Elements in the "conversion".

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            If you used a VHS/DVD deck, you may have an issue with the first VOB, because it will also contain Menus and navigation instructions, plus the first part of the MPEG-2 AV file. This ARTICLE will give you some background. With a 100% DVD-compliant (very important) VOB, PrE from at least version 4 up to version 8, will Import those, with few issues. Unfortunately, most VHS/DVD decks do not create 100% DVD-compliant discs, due to how they handle the Menus and navigation. This then becomes a YMMV situation.


            Good luck,



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