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    Language Pack error

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      I recently got CS4 and installed only Photoshop onto my Windows 7 machine.


      After installing Dreamweaver today, I found that the program was installed with errors. I could not run the program. The language pack is missing or corrupted, The error message that shows says that it can't locate the resources folder in the configuration foler. 


      I had a similar problem with Photoshop, and to fix it, I found someone who had made a fixed language pack available and it fixed the problem. I unfortunately cannot find where I found that.


      The problem with Dreamweaver has nothing to do with old scripts of CS3 running (this is a new machine, I have never owned CS3) and has nothing to do with a missing Public Documents folder. I also tried reinstalling the program on international english, but that just changed which language pack was missing. (no matter what I install, the error 2 message pops up. the only thing that changes between the US and International English is that the missing langpack is en_US or en_GB, respectively.)


      My guess is that I just need a fixed language pack. Any suggestions?

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          I fixed the same problem in photoshop by adding a Locales folder with en_US in it that I found on the internet. This seems to be what I need to do in Dreamweaver, but adding the locales folder I used in photoshop doesn't seem to be working.


          My theory is that the language packs did not install correctly. This seems to be a widespread problem on the internet, but nobody seems to be able to fix it. Any support for Dreamweaver from Adobe is outdated and irrelevent.