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    thumbnail titles and search options help


      Is the following  possible?  On the thumbnail sections, we have small thumbnail and  thumbnail title. Is there a way for the title to display in full rather  than only when we hover over. Right now I can only see one line of the  title. When we hover over, we see the rest of the title.

      Also is there a  way to change how the search works. By default, it searches everything  inside the powerpoint. Any way to have it just search a particular  section like title or notes. I know I can edit the XML manually but that would tedious to edit all the content.

      If its not possible yet, then I hope Adobe can come out with a patch. The first one should be easy to implement as it already practically done. The only difference now is I have to hover over to see the title in full. Why can't it just show the full title by default or at least show as much of title possible based on the space that the thumbnail creates. That's the biggest user complaint is they have to hover over to read the full title to determine if they want to look at that slide