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    Low on memory...HELP PLEASE!


      I'm getting a message that Premiere elements is low on system memory, then PE closes.  Why is this happening?

      I have 4 GB's of ram and LOTS of free ram, yet I get this message.  HOW CAN I FIX THIS??  Please advise




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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          A system's memory, or resources, are both physical RAM, and the Windows Virtual Memory (Page File). Also, much will depend on the programs and Processes that are using these.


          This ARTICLE will give you tips on getting the most out of your memory and resources and setting up for a Video-editing session.


          Hope that this helps, and good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            It could also be related to your source files. What type of camcorder is this video coming from?


            Meantime, is there a red line above your clips on your timeline? If so, you need to render your timeline by pressing the Enter key. Keeping your timeline rendered can certainly help your machine and the program run more efficiently.

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              Bertminator Level 1

              I did stop all running process' and defraged the drive, as well as rendered the video, yet still the problem persists.  The ONLY thing i can figure out MAYBE is that my "C:" drive is low on space (10 GB's left), however I installed & changed all the media files & program to another drive that has 500 GB's free space.  Can the low C drive be the cause?  I really don't want to format, and I'm not convinced that this is the problem, as I've rendered other videos with over 3 hours of video without a problem.  That being said, this particular video is a total of 305 clips totalling 3 hours in length.  Is there a restriction on clips?  They are .AVI's directly downloaded from an SD card from my "movie pix" video camera.


              Thanks again for any help.



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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                Depending on the size of C:\ when a HDD gets to 75% of its capacity, the performance drops.


                Depending on how your Page File is managed, it could well be that it is growing to occupy much of that 10GB of space.


                Depending on how you have your HDD's allocated, just the necessary working files generated could be filling your C:\


                Please provide your system's full specs. Pay special attention to the I/O sub-system, i.e. your HDD's, their size, speed, free space, controller type and how you have them allocated. Also, let us know all about your Page File, its size, how managed and where it is located.


                Can you let us know just which programs and Processes are running?


                Good luck,



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                  Bertminator Level 1

                  Ok, I'll try.  Here goes:


                  I have a pentium Dual core 3.0 with 4 GB's of ram...& running Windows 7


                  Drive C is 250 GB's partitioned into c: (80 GB) & d: (155 GB) - Drive C: has 17.4 GB's free

                  Drive E is 1 TB partitioned into 2 - (470 GB) partitions e: & f: drives *Premiere Elements & Photoshop Elements are on drive E:*

                  Drive J is 600 Gb's and standalone video editing drive.


                  All media Cache & Scratch disk files are stored in J: dirve


                  For page files C drive is system managed, as ALL the others are set to NONE.


                  page files are set to 3582 Mb's right now, but recommends 5373 Mb's (Check mark to Automatically manage paging file size)


                  See screen shot below:






                  Here are the processes in 2 screenshots:



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                    I'm having the same problem with adobe premiere elements 8 too. I just got a new computer with a phenom quad core, 8 GB ram, huge hard drive, etc. so i'm pretty sure its the program and not a lack of resources.



                    So far this is what i've experienced:


                    -crashes constantly, sometimes because its using too much system memory or it encounters an error or just randomly crashes. Usually its also around 15 or 10 minutes into editing. This is the error screen given, if there even is one:

                    Adobe warning2.png


                    -When i tried to create a DVD, i got a blue screen every time i hit the DVD button. I've reinstalled quicktime, turned off background rendering, etc.


                    -the program also has problems sometimes when i try to import a clip on the hard drive into the program, saying that its the wrong type of file when i just moved the same type of file onto the timeline.


                    -when i save it sometimes only goes 50% then freezes and wont continue, forcing me to hit cancel.


                    -whenever i open the project i'm working on (in total about 30 minutes of standard definition footage), it gives me this message:

                    Adobe warning screen.jpg

                    This message used to come up only after i had been editing for a while but now it does it on start up.


                    -when i play it, it lags a lot and sometimes just shows a white screen.



                    The project I've been editing is in total about 30 minutes of standard definition footage. the project was due yesterday but i cant finish the editing or even get what i have onto a disk.


                    any help is appreciated!




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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Well, you have two big bottlenecks - those partitions. Partitions are left over from about Win 98. They are not necessary today, as all modern OS's can see large volumes. What happens with a partition is that the OS sees the single physical HDD as multiple physical HDD's, and will command the HDD to basically be in two places at one time. From our early physics classes, we learned that this is impossible. The heads can ONLY be in one spot at one time, not two, or more. The OS does not understand why it's talking so long and will often just hang it up. At the very best, you wear out your HDD's prematurely and it takes much longer to do anything. If the Page File is one a partitioned drive, things get really, really tough, as the OS, the program and the Page File all fight for reads and writes. This can bring an otherwise stout system to its knees and cause crashes to the programs, or to the OS.


                      Separate physical HDD's are the way to go. I recommend three minimum, but many get by with only two. I suggest a setup similar to this:


                      C:\ OS, programs, and possibly the Page File, but experimentation will dictate where you locate it. [In a perfect world, I'd locate the Page File to a very fast, small separate HDD. If so, then move the following letters down by one.]


                      D:\ Project files and Scratch Disks


                      E:\ Media [For HD, I would suggest a RAID in a 0 configuration and controlled by a separate RAID card w/ on-board physical RAM.]


                      Good luck,