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    Menus & Templates


      I could really use some guidance in deciding the best approach for adding menus in my website.  It seems that a plain drop-down menu is favored in the high end sites vs. glitzy roll over buttons.  Examples are Adobe.com and Microsoft.com.  But after this, can you recommend a good approach.  The Spry menu bar or a CSS drop down menu?  Can anybody suggest their preference?

      It seems to make sense to put the menu in a template.  When I put it in an editable area, the program warns me that this could be dangerous if the user deletes the widget.  If not in an editable area, it does not work.  If the solution is to put it in a locked area (also suggested) and create editable areas, it seems like the same thing.  Can anybody clarify this?

      Finally, does using one type of menu over another, in or out of a template, have any SEO impact?

      Thank you in advance!