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    browser issues


      Website looks fine in dreamweaver but when viewed in any browser on the outside of the sidebars I want to view my background (the diamond-plate) and can't.  How do I get it to work? www.pistolpetesusa.com

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          jeremyluby Level 3

          Not sure really what you are asking for, but your mainContent div has a background of black which is overlaying your image.  Some of your other divs also have black background which are covering up your image.


          If in the following you remove "background-color: #000;" that will solve your issue, but I am not exactly sure where you are wanting the "diamond plate" to show up


          .thrColLiqHdr #mainContent {
              margin: 0; /* the right and left margins on this div element creates the two outer columns on the sides of the page. No matter how much content the sidebar divs contain, the column space will remain. You can remove this margin if you want the #mainContent div's text to fill the sidebar spaces when the content in each sidebar ends. */
              background-color: #000;
              color: #FFF;
              padding: 0px;
              height: 765px;
              line-height: 10px;
              font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

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            tandssutliff Level 1

            Okay, if you look at the home page on the website www.pistolpetesusa.com it is not correct.  If you look at the way the diamond plate is on the gallery link it is correct.  The difference between the pages is one is images and the other is put together in dreamweaver.  I am trying to get the diamond plate on the home page (the dreamweaver page) like it is on the gallery page (one of images).