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    Skinning a Panel


      I am attempting to sking a panel and I created a simple graphic in AI and copied the Rect, Path, and Group information from the FXG and pasted it into a panel skin. It shows up fine, but the problem is that a white background shows up behind my drawing and looks weird. I want the title area to be transparents and only show the graphics I created. Any ideas on how to do that?


      Here is what I have:

       <!-- layer 0: title bar fill -->
                      <!--- @private -->
                      <s:Group y="-0.728027">
                          <s:Rect y="20.7876" width="400" height="19.9404" >
                                  <s:SolidColor color="#39b54a"/>
                          <s:Path winding="nonZero" data="M22.7651 0.847168L29.2446 13.9751 43.7314 16.0801 33.2485 26.2983 35.7231 40.728 22.7651 33.9155 9.80713 40.728 12.2817 26.2983 1.79883 16.0801 16.2861 13.9751 22.7651 0.847168Z" >
                                  <s:SolidColor color="#fff200"/>
                                  <s:SolidColorStroke caps="none" weight="0.75" joints="miter" miterLimit="4"/>


      Its just a yellow star at the left end and a green bar (half the height of the star). Ugly, but just wanted to prove a concept. Problem I have is the a white background shows up behind the star and green background (which is half the height of the tite bar.