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    There is a problem with the adobe reader on my computer.


      I am not able to read the file statement I was in because the adobe reader would not let me do so.  I downloaded a adobe reader yesterday.  It indicated the process was completed yesterday so I restarted the computer to be able to read the bank statement file and the same screen keep popping up.  This screen reads Adobe 8 buy or quit.  When I woke this morning I started the computer, the screen popped up still installing the adobe reader; so I waited for the process to complete I can tell some of the files on my opening screen were changing because I have not started the internet to the web site I am trying to read.  I went to internet to the page to read the satment file and I can only read the file for about ten seconds then the same Adobe 8 buy or quit screen pop up I hit quit at the bottom of the page then the screen appear blank the previous screen is not there I wanted to read.It sends me through the same circle. I need help to solve this problem.  I am not very good on the computer so if I can have a technician specialist call me to help me walk through the steps it would help save time.  I need this information for tax purposes.  My name is Joyce phone is 773-955-4083.  Thank You.