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    custom italic angle, bold weight for embedded fonts.

    WordRad Level 1

      Embedded italic and bold fonts do not look the same in a Flex app as in Windows unless they're something like "Times New Roman" or some other established font with a fully designed italic and bold, presumably in seperate files.


      Numerous fonts do not have a seperate file for italic and bold, and in fact to the best of my knowledge don't even have italic and bold defined as such.

      However you can still make use of italic and bold with those fonts in a Windows app. For italic, and oblique angle is just given to it, and it looks the same in all Windows apps, and the bold is just given a heavier weight.


      However, If you embed a font like that in a Flex web page  as a "SystemFont" the italic and bold will not look the same as they do in Windows. Specifically, the oblique angle is invariably much less than in Windows (i.e the italic slant is much less) and the bold version is not bold enough. I vaguely recall thinking that there was some flex mechanism to assign custom oblique angles for italic (and weight for bold) but now can't recall what it is. Does anyone know the correct established way to do this.


      (Note you can't embed these fonts as "Source" either because the flex compiler will just return an error and say there is no italic and bold info in the font file.  So the only way to embed them is as "SystemFont".)