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    Help with MouseOut please!

    fulfordsupply Level 1

      Hi, I have a flash document that has 4 buttons on it.

      Each one has a mouseover feature that changes the background of the page (with a video clip), to display different products that we sell.

      How can I make it so that once the mouse is taken off the button, the background stays the same until the mouse is over a different button?

      Any help would be much appreciated.

      If you'd like to see it:


      and wait until the end. it's only maybe 20 seconds.

      also sorry i forgot to compress it so ittl take a sec to load.

      thanks in advance!

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You probably have a mouseout function that closes the background.  If that's the case, then you need to get that out of the picture and add that functionality into your mouseover... to have it remove the current background before its own gets added.  So you will need some variable that you use to identify which background is the current one and command it to go away via that variable.  You probably need to assign a null to it to start with, and have that tested in a conditional for the removal... If it is null, skip the removal because there's nothing to remove, otherwise, remove the one identified by the variable.