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    Why does HTML code show up in Design view when I update a page after changing a template?


      I am using DreamWeaver CS4.  I personally don't like templates and never use them. That said, I have inherited a few sites that use them and need to make a few changes. I removed a few items from a template, but when I tried to update the pages on them, HTML code was put in the design view and, in the source code, all "<" were changed to "&lt;", thus messing up comments and any source code where "<" was used to mean "less than".


      I tried updating the pages using Modify > Library > Update pages


      and they all got messed up. Luckily I had another version of the site and tried upadting one page at a time using Modify > Library > Update current page, but the same thing happened.  Here is a screen shot of the design view after I updated the page:



      and here is a screenshot of the code view:




      I have tried a lot if different ways to update the pages and this always happens.  If I remove the code from the design view in each page after I have updated it, all is well.  But that is taking forever as there are about 555 pages that use different templates - all of which I had to change.


      Anyone have this problem or know of a solution?