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    How to decode 1D barcode from PDF


      I have a PDF that has a single 1D barcode that represents a simple value, ex. "99999-FLM-CC-008217140".  The PDF and barcode were created using a 3rd party tool, not an Adobe product.


      Using the default EJB endpoint for a BarcodedFormsService, I created a watched folder to decode this barcode.  The results of the decoding look like this, which doesn't contain the value of the barcode:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
      - <xb:scanned_image xmlns:xb="http://decoder.barcodedforms.adobe.com/xmlbeans" path="pdf" version="1.0">
      - <xb:decode>
      - <xb:status type="success">
      <xb:message />


      What do I need to do to decode the barcode and get a result that has a string that looks like "99999-FLM-CC-008217140"?


      Thank you for your help.