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    Share your Flash Catalyst Work?

    tphinsf Adobe Employee

      Hi All,

      We’re sure you’ve been creating some great work with the Flash Catalyst public beta software. Would you be interested in sharing that work and having it highlighted on the Flash Catalyst team blog and Facebook page? We're hoping to make this Friday, April 9, "Flash Catalyst" day and celebrate your creations.

      If you are open to sharing your work, can you send it to us for a quick check first? Please send the final SWF file, AIR app, or link to the page where the work is hosted (we don’t need the source files) to Terry Hemphill, the Flash Catalyst marketing manager, hemphill@adobe.com.

      Since the work that would be shared from this Forum is from the Flash Catalyst public beta, there are very few guidelines that you must follow, but here are some suggestions:

      Please DO:

      DO post your work created with Flash Catalyst wherever you want—to your blogs, personal web pages, social media sites, portfolio sites—anywhere you and your colleagues share and discuss work
      DO label the work as “Created with the  Flash Catalyst public beta”
      DO describe how Flash Catalyst has let you accomplish work you couldn’t do before


      If you have any questions, please send them to Terry Hemphill directly at hemphill@adobe.com.



      --Terry H.